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About Us

Dr. Joseph Parham

Dr. Joseph Parham is a native of Muskegon Heights, Michigan. He overcame environmental challenges of being raised in an inner city and rose to become a leader in the East Valley. Receiving a football scholarship in 1962 to Arizona State University, Parham left behind a world of limitation in order to pursue an education. He is now concerned with developing better educational opportunities for children and adults in his community. His principal concern is to prepare people for the challenges they will face in the 21st century.

Dr. Parham capped his formalized, educational experience by earning a Doctorate of Philosophy from Arizona State University in 1973. The topic of his dissertation is the challenges faced by Black athletes in an academic setting. His dissertation received national attention at the time, and its findings are still relevant today.

As an active member of the community, he has held a variety of positions including:


Dr. Joseph Parham is the business owner of Sun Valley Services, Inc.

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Contact Us

Please call to schedule your screening:

For English, call 480-644-9039
For Spanish, call or text 620-509-1413 or email marialparham@gmail.com.

Traffic Survival School (TSS) Class registration can be done via the link on our website. All other screenings/sessions need appointments by phone call.

Sun Valley Services, Inc.
2706 E Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85213

Our normal business office hours are:

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