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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


  1. How do I retrieve my impounded vehicle?
  1. What is a Mandatory Fingerprint Compliance?
  1. What is a DUI/Drug (aka Alcohol/Drug) Screening?
  1. How is it determined whether I am a Level 1 or a Level 2?
  1. How does the DUI/Drug Screening get reported?

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  1. Is my driver’s license going to be revoked or suspended and what is the difference?
  1. When will my license be re-instated?
  1. How do I get my suspended license re-instated?
  1. How do I get my revoked license re-instated?

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  1. Will I need to get an ignition interlock installed on my vehicle?
  1. How does the ignition interlock device work?
  1. How much does an interlock cost?
  1. Will I be required to attend Traffic Survival School (TSS)?

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  1. How many points will go against my driving record?



DUI (BAC) of 0.08% or higher; 0.04% if commercial vehicle


Extreme DUI (BAC) of 0.15% or higher)

Reckless driving

Aggressive driving

Leaving the scene of an accident


Running a traffic signal or stop sign or failing to yield; thus causing death

Running a traffic signal or stop sign or failing to yield, thus causing serious injury




Driving over an area where one or more lanes diverge to go in a different direction (gore area)

All other driving violations


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  1. What would have happened if I did not consent to take the blood, breath, or urine test when I was arrested?
  1. How many hearings are there?
  1. How many different DUI Classifications are there?



Underage DUI

Minors who exceed a 0.00 BAC. AZ punished minors severely in hopes they make better decisions in the future.

First and Second DUI

Both are misdemeanor offenses, as long as no extremely high BACs, injuries, or deaths are involved.

Third or higher DUI

These drivers face a possibility of a felony charge. There is an increased chance of serving time in prison and a harsher sentence.

Extreme DUI

BAC exceeding 0.15. Criminal punishments are severe and the driver can be charged with a felony.
Higher fines, longer jail time, probation, and driver’s license suspension terms, and more.

Super Extreme DUI

Exceed a 0.20 BAC level. Drivers are guaranteed felony charges and very serious punishments; offenders will spend a long time in federal prison.

Aggravated DUI

Driving on a suspended license, found to be driving extremely recklessly while under the influence or who are found to have a child in the car. This is a felony offense punishable in state prison.

DUI w/Injury

Felony offense; drivers that cause serious injury to others while under the influence. This crime is the most severe charge and punishable up to 18 years in prison.

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  1. Am I going to have to spend time in jail since this is my first offense; what else can I anticipate?

Offense #



3 or 4


Jail Time

1+ days

90+ days3


4+ months

License Suspension

90+ days

1 year


1+ years


5- years

1 year


10 years

Alcohol/Driving Education





Community Service Hours










Interlock Ignition Device

6 months

1 year


6+ months

Employment Termination


Very Likely


Very likely

Vehicle Impoundment

Very likely




Other Repercussions





Additional Charges



Misdemeanor5 or Felony6












1 Additional classes may include: Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim impact panel; rehabilitation programs, traffic survival schools, and more.
2 The state can designate a certain number of hours.
3 30 days consecutively; your employer may see this as grounds for termination.
4 Criminal punishments, difficulty obtaining insurance of all kinds, renting cars/homes, seeking new employment, etc.
5 Many variables such as past criminal/driving records, BAC, time-period of previous DUI charges, child in the car, etc. If after 7 years, you will be charges with a misdemeanor.
6 If charged within seven years of priors, you will face a felony charge; if BAC was above .20, you caused an accident with injury, transporting a child, or driving on suspended license, you will be sentenced harshly.
7 If your job requires driving, your employer may see this as grounds for termination.

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